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Our Products

This is a list of products. To get more details on a specific model, click on the respective link.

   -   Calling Cards
   -   Multi-tenant IP-PBX
   -   GXP 2000
   -   MIKA (PC & Mobile)
   -   HT 502
   -   Budgetone GS-200
   -   Snom 870
   -   GXV3175

Service Packages

  • a. Select package
  • b. Select your optional phone number. DID (direct inverse dialing) numbers depends on geographic location availability.
  • c. Select your VOIP phone. Our extremely low domestic and international rates can be purchased as well.
  • d. You may also purchase disposable Calling Card or may choose to turn it into a rechargeable card by
    paying the one time set up fee of $25.00.
  • e. VoIP hardware always have a one time set up fee of $40.00 except our Calling Card.


Save up to 80% on your domestic and long distance calls. Whether you are at home or on the go, La Tigre has got a service that brings quality and savings to your calling experience.


Equip your business with the latest VoIP technology. Sign up for a VoIP-based business line with feature-rich IP-PBX.