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Our Products

This is a list of products. To get more details on a specific model, click on the respective link.

   -   Calling Cards
   -   Multi-tenant IP-PBX
   -   GXP 2000
   -   MIKA (PC & Mobile)
   -   HT 502
   -   Budgetone GS-200
   -   Snom 870
   -   GXV3175
How Does It Work?

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Before signing up, make sure you have the following:


1. Internet connection with a bandwidth of at least between 35 kbps - 180 kbps.

2. A 4-LAN port router with optional Wi-Fi feature (for MIKA). Can cater to plug in your VoIP phone and your computer under one modem to maximize the usage of your internet service.

3. Set-up your account.

4. Follow the steps below

How to sign up?


Answer: As easy as 1 2 3!


1. Fill out the registration form on-line or e-mail us to request one.

2. Create your login info to set-up an account.

Password: myPassword

3. Purchase hardware, airtime, calling cards, DIDs, and activate features like pinless dialing, call forwarding, and more...