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Our Products

This is a list of products. To get more details on a specific model, click on the respective link.

   -   Calling Cards
   -   Multi-tenant IP-PBX
   -   GXP 2000
   -   MIKA (PC & Mobile)
   -   HT 502
   -   Budgetone GS-200
   -   Snom 870
   -   GXV3175

About Us:

VoIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol) or Internet phone Service is an amazing, relatively new technology. La Tigre  offers the very best hardware, software, service and security available today.  The quality of calls are so clear that you won’t believe your ears.  We strive to become the best service provider of  hosted VOIP solution worldwide in our intention to assist in resolving digital division around the world.

Our  ultimate goal is to enable millions of international long distance callers to stay close and reach their families, friends, business partners around the globe 24/7 at anytime, anywhere, and anyplace without having to pay a fortune when calling.

And in order to materialize this goal, we selected a handful of manufacturers such as Grandstream, Polycom, Cisco, Snom, Sipura, Linksys, and our very own La Tigre Hi – MIKA as hardware solutions. These brand of VoIP phones are designed and developed for excellent quality performance. Besides affordability, it has great features to match with La Tigre internet protocol phone service.


I finally found the good guys! I had Mika for a year now and the service is very affordable and practical with very clear reception as if I'm just next door. Anyway, I just renewed last August 2010 - I never had any issue with it until now. I will definitely give this product a 5 star. Almost all of my friends already had MIKA and I don't really mind dedicating 10 mins. of my breaktime to make a review of this wonderful product and service.

Sherman Shu (Phils.)

"The Mika is ideal for my needs. I can keep in touch with the new friendsI’ve made in the United States, for a very low price, which means I won’t fall out of the loop, and we can help each other out with those difficult math  problems visually. I personally haven’t found a better deal anywhere for the quality the Mika puts forth, and the way it fits in my pocket, I can carry and use it conveniently.”

Adrian Kilian (German Student and voice over artist for Two and a half men)

“The Mika Phone was really awesome and convenient for me to use. I don't have to worry about any virus because I don't have to download, the softsware. I tried magicjack and skype my computer crashed! Vonage was too expensive for awhile I thought I was saving money but when I found MIKA, this is the best deal I could ever have! Besides I don't have to be techy savvy its all just plug and play! Seeing my family everyday and talking to them in real time matters the most!”

Lauren Tolentino