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Our Products

This is a list of products. To get more details on a specific model, click on the respective link.

   -   Calling Cards
   -   Multi-tenant IP-PBX
   -   GXP 2000
   -   MIKA (PC & Mobile)
   -   HT 502
   -   Budgetone GS-200
   -   Snom 870
   -   GXV3175

La Tigre Presents...

The most creative innovative new way to communicate. As the technology becomes more developed, prices will continue to fall. Check out our T.V. Ad below by clicking the play button.

What is La Tigre VoIP phone service?

Since internet is the gateway to a broad array of networking technologies, Voice Over Internet Protocol is fast becoming the mainstream technology for voice and video communication.

La Tigre VoIP is classified as Information Technology because it uses the internet as the basic channel for communication. This means that all your VoIP calls will not be subject to extreme hidden costs and taxes imposed by your traditional cellular and landline carrier service. Consequently, the phone bill could decrease significantly from 50%-90% per month.

La Tigre VoIP is a combination of an advanced software-based network and popular end-user devices. It is compliant for fax, voice, and video via internet, from dial-up, DSL/broadband, wifi, 3G/4G, satellite, and the next generation in communication. Unlike common problems like crosslines, static noise, latency, choppy voice and video for other VoIP providers, La Tigre VoIP delivers digitally crystal clear communication due to the absence of the common problems mentioned above. La Tigre’s security protocols are geared to protect the privacy of all our customers.

Why should you choose wisely?

Things to consider when choosing your provider.

  • Is your audio and video conversation is not secure?
  • Do you need to pay for free features?
  • They don’t offer many choices of phone?
  • Do your privacy can be jeopardize?
  • Are they selling your info to third party companies for extra profit?
  • If you answer “yes” to any of the questions above you should consider switching now to our service.